Facilities and Technologies


The Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction is split between two locations in Baldwin Hall. The main laboratory is located on the ground floor of Baldwin Hall. The layout of this portion of the lab includes several subject rooms, a control room, and a waiting area. The other portion of the laboratory is located on the fourth floor of Baldwin Hall. This area includes several coding stations and a room for studing face-to-face interactions within small groups.


The lab is equipped with computers, videocameras, microphones, and monitoring equipment for conducting both networked and face-to-face interaction studies. The facilities include state of the art equipment for gathering real time vocal, nonverbal, and physiological data from multiple interactants. This includes equipment for collecting high quality digital vocal and audio data, measuring blood flow, skin conductance, heart rate, respiration, salivary hormones, thermal imaging, and conducting spectral analysis of vocal data. LaSSI also maintains portable equipment for conducting field research outside of Baldwin Hall.

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